Ma Fia's Opelika Valentine's Dinner

Only one day a year does Ma Fia’s take reservations. It is a day to forget about the stress and worries that get between two people. It is a day of openness, a day to be vulnerable. It is a day, for the first time or the millionth, to look at someone and see all the joy they bring to your heart.

This Valentine’s Day, let us at Ma Fia’s help you find romance. You know our cozy setting already, but on this day our staff takes special care to create a intimate meal. A complimentary glass of wine will begin to warm your cheeks and relax your thoughts. You won’t have to worry about what dish to order; Chef Rick has an exquisite five-course meal designed to inspire your senses. We can’t tell you the specifics just yet, after all what’s Valentine’s without a few surprises. We can tell you the entire meal will be one to remember for years to come.

Include a meal Ma Fia’s as part of your Valentine’s Day plans. What you do after (or before) is up to you. Call to reserve your table today.

 (334) 745-6266

Ma Fia's Opelika Valentine's Dinner